ATS antitorsion system

Born from the evolution in the use of common textile applications of braided and knitted reinforcement, the ATS hoses combine in one product the advantages of double-textile polyester yarn. The ATS technology, thanks to the double textile support (braided and knitted together), allows to cancel the torsion forces generated by the water pressure and eliminate them, without changing the structure of the hose. The ATS technology gives the hose maximum malleability, efficiency, flexibility.

The ATS hoses don’t make kinking, folds and knots. Resistant to crushing and don’t deform. The passage of water inside the hose is constant and never stopped from twisting, easy to roll and unroll. The long life of the product is guaranteed.

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EXP system

The EXP technology born from the need to increase the wall thickness without increasing the weight in order to obtain a product at the same time very resistant to pressure but also extremely malleable, elastic and flexible during the use and never at risk of the formation of knots, folds and kinking. This result is obtained through the expansion process (namely, the formation of microscopic air bubbles) of the middle layer to give it a spongy consistency – with a reduction of 20% of the plastic material’s density – but solid and robust. The application of this special technology is the ideal solution to achieve the best possible combination of quality and efficiency. The EXP hoses are able to guarantee superior performances in comparison to standard hoses under all conditions of use.

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