The company

History and company profile

MTP born in 1970 by its founder, Sabino Gubitosa, which since the early 60’s trusts in the plastics sector as a boost of the future industrial development.
Professionally capable and farsighted, Sabino also stands out for its particular personal qualities. Loyal, honest, blameless, received the respect and trust of those who knew him and wanted to follow.
The company, now in its third generation (at the management the children and grandchildren of the founder) and still driven by the same values, over the years has changed its structure and has gone from a craft to an industrial dimension.

The current position is strengthened by a system where human and technological components are integrated to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

MTP today

Quality, efficiency, research and innovation make the MTP a leader company in the garden hoses production.
Always looking for new solutions, MTP provides products able to meet even the most stringent demands of the market.

The MTP product range offers hoses for every need. From the classic mono-layer hose, braided, knitted to that of the latest generation with reinforcement ATS and EXP system. Thanks to the technology development of its lines and the specialization of its staff, MTP is currently committed in the production of hoses for the industrial and professional sector also.

About the raw materials used, MTP has made a choice of quality.
For this reason has selected suppliers and materials to ensure maximum product reliability and performance constancy. Careful with the laws, MTP works in their full compliance with special regard with the provisions of the REACH Regulation.

“Over 40 years of experience in customer and final consumer service”

This is even more guaranteed that MTP produces herself the compounds for the hose’s extrusion.

Flexible and easy, MTP offers a big possibility to customize the products. Where the customer prefers to define a range of products that stand out from those competitors (colors, materials, combinations of textile reinforcement, packaging), MTP is able to satisfy the request.

MTP is a concrete reality, operating, a family company where the direct relationship with the customer is easy and constant. Its work is in only one factory in Italy, in the heart of Tuscany, on a total area of about 35.000 square meters. There are the registered office, the production and logistic center.

“A company with a commercial presence established across Europe.
A company that made the Made in Italy its strengths.”