Green Vision

More than just a business plan. A vision, a philosophy.

Protecting the environment is a duty.

Those who educate their children to respect the environment may not be aware of it, but they are helping to build a better future.
MTP respects the environment in which it does business because it is the same world in which their children will grow up.

MTP designs increasingly eco-sustainable products because everyone must do their part to safeguard the planet from environmental disaster.


“The Earth is a beautiful place, and it is worth fighting for it”.

It's not an impossible task. It’s possible if we work together. This is happening right now.
In recent years, we have changed our perspective. We have abandoned the linear economy model to migrate to the circular one, for products, services, and business processes.

Circularity is the new approach.

Our path to sustainability includes various activities and projects, many of which are already underway. Much more remains to be done. And we will do it.

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