Tender – Braided

Project Description



Garden hose with braided reinforcement for hobby and professional use. The application of cutting-edge technology together with the use of special expanded materials make it a product with high technical performance. Sturdy but light, flexible and easy to handle. xcellent elasticity, maximum resistance to pressure and expansion. No twist, no fold, no knot, it unwinds and rewinds very easily. Suitable for any type of use, it is also ideal for the most demanding gardener.


5 strati con interno bianco, strato nero anti alga, strato intermedio bianco, rinforzo tessile retinato, copertura esterna grigia con riga arancio prodotte con speciale formulazione anti UV che rallenta l'invecchiamento del tubo.


Tender retinato

*Pressure at 20°

Standard tolerances

Ø interno / inner ± 5% minimum mm 0,4 – spessore / thickness ± 10% – peso teorico / theorical weight ± 5% – lunghezza nominale / rated length ± 1%

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