Twist – Anti torsion

Project Description



Garden hose with double ANTI TORSION reinforcement for hobby and professional use. Produced with raw materials of the highest quality. Sturdy, easy to handle, flexible, no twist, no fold, no knot. The characteristic ATS texture ensures a constant water flow. Excellent resistance to pressure and expansion. Suitable for intensive use and particularly suited on construction sites.


6 layers with white interior, anti algae black layer, white intermediate layer, ATS double textile reinforcement, yellow outer cover with light blue stripe produced with a special anti UV formulation that slows down the aging of the hose.


Twist Anti torsion

Technical data and information

*Pressure at 20°

Standard tolerances

Ø interno / inner ± 5% minimum mm 0,4 – spessore / thickness ± 10% – peso teorico / theorical weight ± 5% – lunghezza nominale / rated length ± 1%

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